Friday, July 31, 2009

Update on Weight Loss Saga

Well guys, here I was, planning on getting on the scale yesterday morning and boom, I get distracted. To explain better, since we are in the motor home, the bathroom scale can be used best right by the refrigerator (poetic justice?). Sooo, I place the scale by the fridge, notice the throw rug seems a tad damp so I touch it, trying to decide if it was really damp or just very cold from the night before.

Unfortunately, the rug was damp so of course, I have to investigate. Well, as I started feeling around the throw rug, I noticed the carpet was also damp. I then start moving all kinds of stuff (including my laptop case, boxes, papers, etc.) only to find not a damp carpet, but a sopping wet one. I would like to note, this is a great way to assist in any weight loss program...start stressing about where a leak is in a motor home before either breakfast or a shower...

After a good bit of swearing and moving of stuff (it is truly amazing how much stuff accumulates on the floor of a motor home when you are stopped for more than one day..) it was determined that we have a significant leak somewhere. It was not the fridge (goodie) but we did finally find that the sink was leaking fresh water like a sieve.

By the time we finished moving stuff and moping up the mess, I barely had time for a shower and was not even remotely interested in breakfast. After begging a cup of coffee from a neighbor, we went to the booth to work. It was then I realized that I never did get on the scale to weigh myself.

Does feeling thinner count? My clothes are really getting loser, the shirts I wear are not as tight, and I purchased jeans an inch smaller. The cool thing is the jeans fit, they are not overly tight. I only purchased 2 pair of jeans since I do plan on getting thinner than where I am now.

It is exciting to discover the small changes that your body makes when you finally start losing weight at a steady pace. I have not felt as tired, when I run with the dogs, it doesn't feel like I am doing more bouncing than running and I don't feel as jiggly as I had a month ago. I can't wait to drop another few inches and start getting back into my original "skinny" clothes. It will be really fun to see some of my friends, whom I haven't seen in several months. They will be able to see any changes in my shape better than me, they don't look at the flab in the mirror daily.

It is hard to see changes when you see yourself daily. I am going to start weighing myself every other day from now on, it looks like the weight loss is stabilizing slightly, and I don't want to have to report a day or two of no weight change. Even if there is no weight change, it is not demotivating, the fact that clothes are now fitting looser is a great motivator.

Good night for now, talk with everyone later tomorrow.

By the way, if you want more information on what I have been taking, check out

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Continuing Saga of Weight Loss with CNI Core4

Today there was no significant loss of weight even though I was diligent in using all Core4 products yesterday. I still consider this a good sign. I believe that if the weight comes off very fast, it will come back just as fast.

What I have discovered is that by taking Accelerate (part of the Core4 product offering) in the morning, my energy levels have been way up. I am not inclined to really desire a nap by 3 pm. I also have had more desire /energy to do a lot of walking, I find I am not as tired after a long brisk walk as I used to be (now up to almost 5 miles a day). My pants are now getting baggy which is really cool.

I discovered today what the primary ingredient of the Cheat product is. Cheat is the product that you literally shake or sprinkle onto your food before you eat it. The main ingredient of Cheat is Konnyaku root.

Konnyaku root has been consumed in Japanese dishes for over 2,000 years. When taken with food, it reduces the speed of sugar intake. Konnyaku forms a jelly-like material and expands about 30-50 times in the digestive system which then gives the feeling of being full. It also cleans the digestive tract of toxins. It also is high in fiber and rich in minerals.

This root has been a staple of the traditional Japanese diet and is available in all supermarkets in Japan. Typically, Konnyaku root is consumed as a fiber-rich vegetable about once a week by most people in that country.

There are many articles on this root which can be found in all the major search engines. I have found no negative articles (so far) on this root. If I find any negative articles, I will research and post that on this blog also. I do not want anyone thinking that I will only provide positive information. I want to provide fair and honest information. My only agenda is to inform and educate. This is a tracking of my personal weight loss journey and hopefully documentation of my final success in losing that unwanted weight. Now back to the subject at hand...

By incorporating Konnyaku into your daily diet (using Cheat) you can still enjoy eating what you have in the past while maintaining good health and better weight control. Using Cheat along with some moderate exercise will help you to discover that slimmer you.

As I mentioned before, Cheat does not have any specific taste associated with it. I have used it in everything from hot dogs, hamburgers, macaroni and cheese, baked beans, cookies, funnel cakes, sandwiches, and steak and did not notice any unusual flavor. It is not recommended to use Cheat in soups as it will expand quickly and look like a gelatinous blob in your soup (ewww..). I have yet to put it on ice cream, but will when the opportunity arises. I strive to keep a bottle of Cheat in my purse at all times so that when an eating opportunity arises, Cheat is there to help me reduce my caloric intake.

To find out more about Cheat and the other Core4 products, go to If you have trouble navigating around the website, please feel free to contact me at and I strive to answer your questions.

I will continue to keep everyone updated on my personal weight loss journey. I look forward to getting back into my "skinny" clothes. It will be so neat to get back into the shape I was in while in college (and NO round was not my shape then...)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Continued Weight Loss with Core4

Well, as you may remember, I had run out of my Core4 products almost 2 weeks ago and was waiting on my shipment of new products. I did still have some Flush and Cheat left so used those intermittently during the time.

The great news is that during the time I was off of the majority of Core4 products, I did not gain any additional weight (actually didn't gain any weight at all). I did make sure to stay as active as possible. That consisted of being sure to walk the dogs briskly and trying to walk at least a mile twice a day.

I just started on all of the Core4 products again yesterday and am pleased to announce that I have lost another pound. That pound loss includes my eating pizza last night. Usually, eating pizza means a 2-3 pound weight gain the next day due to the high salt content in pizza. I would also like to note that my appetite does not seem to be as big anymore. I can sit down to a meal and truly be full after eating much smaller portions. That was a side effect I didn't anticipate, but really do appreciate.

Now that the Core4 products are all re-stocked, I will be more careful not to run out. I will keep you all posted on my progress in the next month. If I am brave enough, I will even post a before an after picture by the end of the month so you can all see the improvement. My pants are already getting baggy so the weight appears to be coming off around the mid-section, just as they advertise. If anyone is interested in finding out more about Core4, check out or e-mail me for more information.

Take care all...

I'm Back from the "Black Hole" of Technology

Hi everyone,

I bet you have been wondering what happened to me, did I fall off the face of the earth? I actually think I did, this is the first time I had zero Internet AND Cell phone service at the same time. In order for me to use the cell phone, I had to ride 10 miles into town to get a decent signal. Since the battery on my laptop died, I couldn't just take the laptop along and use it wherever. Can't plug the laptop into the motorcycle, but that doesn't mean I won't find a way to do that later...hmmm more to work on...

Boy, in the 6 days I had no Internet, I thought I was going to go nuts. You don't realize just how much a person uses and/or relies on the Internet until you have absolutely no means of access. It was almost like going through withdrawals (which I know nothing, really...well, maybe coffee...). We were in an out-of-the way place for a motorcycle rally (more on that later) and got there on Wednesday in anticipation of vendor set-up on Thursday.

Usually when you get in a to a show little early, you have a chance to catch up on any miscellaneous paperwork and e-mails that you couldn't get to while bumping down the road. Since this was a new location for us, I focused on navigating to the Saloon and not working on e-mails, Twitter, Facebook, etc. anticipating that I would have the time Wednesday evening. Boy, was that a bad idea.

The good news is that we survived the lack of wireless access with slightly frayed nerves. We couldn't leave until Monday morning because one of our UPS shipments was rescheduled from Friday delivery to Monday morning delivery (which we didn't know about until it was too late...yup, with no wireless, you can't follow the UPS shipment updates). You can bet we were chomping at the bit waiting for the UPS truck on Monday. We actually rode out 10 miles Sunday night to find enough Internet access to verify that the UPS shipment would truly arrive Monday. We were on the road by 10 am Monday, only to discover a large portion of the drive towards Sturgis, SD did not have good (consistent) Internet access. Can you imagine the frustration level then? By the time we arrived in Custer, SD late Monday, we had a decent Internet signal and very frayed nerves. We then discovered that although we did not have access to e-mail files, nothing stopped the e-mails from piling up for those 6 days. It was almost like being on vacation for a week. I forgot how bad it was coming back from vacation only to spend the next few weeks catching up on the messages that came in while gone...

I am back on-line and should be better at posting for at least the next 14 days. After that, I will actually work on getting information out and posted some way or the other on a regular basis... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Stay tuned for my next blog as it will discuss the Angels' Straw Bale Bikefest. You will also get updates on my experiences with the Core4 products....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Travels with Hawgwash - Flight 93 Memorial

While we were in Pennsylvania prior to the Johnstown Thunder in the Valley Rally, we had the opportunity to visit the "temporary" Flight 93 Memorial. We didn't know what to expect and were a little nervous about getting there.

The memorial is out in the middle of a field, within sight of the actual crash site. The actual crash site is still fenced off and is still classified as a crime scene. The actual site is only open to the family of the victims of Flight 93.

It is odd riding out to the memorial. As you ride along a rough road, you are riding through fields of tall grass (at least at the time we came through). In the distance you see flags and a cluster of vehicles parked. There are no significant buildings nearby, just fields of grass. As you get closer to the memorial, you see a building put up by the Park Service, a rustic parking area and porta-pots for those of us who had too much coffee prior to the visit.

The "temporary" memorial is surrounded by a split-rail fence. I was not expecting the feelings that came along with visiting the memorial. As you walk slowly from one side of the memorial to the other, you see all of the mementos and tributes left by people to honor those of Flight 93. You can't get very far before you become overwhelmed with awe for what those people did in Flight 93 and the honor that is given to those brave heroes by many Americans.

All around you see tributes from children, adults, teachers, classes, clubs, etc. Basically people from all walks of life left and continue to leave tributes to the heroes of Flight 93. There are poems, flags, rosaries, sculptures, toys. All of these are left to honor. It is an overpowering experience and very much well worth the visit.

I mentioned that this is a "temporary" memorial to Flight 93. Apparently there are plans to build a permanent memorial, but personally, I believe this memorial better represents the thoughts and love of the American people than any formal memorial could possibly do. I can be very wrong in this belief too, but I was so overwhelmed by the memorial, I would hate to have it changed. I guess you could call me old-fashioned, but I believe gifts from the heart (and what is left there truly are gifts from the hearts of Americans) are more sincere. Hopefully the permanent memorial will incorporate the items in the temporary memorial.

Even though the actual memorial is very small, probably about 50 ft x 50 ft, it takes at least an hour to look at all of the mementos left to honor those of Flight 93. In the small building erected by the Forest Service they have the flight recording for the last 30 minutes of Flight 93. It is very scary to read what was going on in those last minutes. The Park Rangers there are also more than willing to talk with people and answer any questions they may have regarding Flight 93 and the memorial. There is also a sign-in book for all the visitors to this memorial.

It is awe-inspiring to think about what the people in Flight 93 went through and it is amazing to look at how they were able to crash the plane without injuring anyone on the ground. There is a grade school a short distance from the crash site and there is also a town very close to the crash site. The fact that the pilot was able to get the plane down in an open field is an amazing task and one that I suspect most people would not be able to do under the same circumstances. My heartfelt thanks to those heroes of Flight 93.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Little Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Review

Hello all,

I am not going to talk about my weight this time (but it is not going up...more on that in another blog). I wanted to chat about how much fun the Little Sturgis Rally in Kentucky was.

The Little Sturgis Rally and Races for Charity is an event that helps to raise money for various children's organizations. I have not had much time to find out which charities are donated to, but will continue to look for that information. This year was the 17th Annual and boy, do these organizers know what to do. This is one of the first rallies we have attended where there was minimal problem with vendor locations, the organizers knew where you would go, and there was actually a staging of vendors so that you did not get all tangled up in the rush to grab your space and start getting set up. Kudos go out to all the organizers and volunteers that worked this event. From our perspective, it was flawless.

This was the first year we had attended this rally and frankly we were not sure what to expect. You hear stories...some X rated, some XXX rated. The only way to find out is to attend. I think we were very lucky this year regarding the weather. On Wednesday and Thursday it was quite warm and very muggy. A huge storm rolled through Thursday evening along with a really good cold front which cooled off the event for Friday and Saturday. It started warming up again on Sunday, but nothing more than upper 70's/low 80's in the sun.

There was a very large number of vendors in attendance here, and only a few spaces that were not occupied by vendors. It is difficult to get into this rally because the organizers are careful to not get too many of a particular type of vendor (leather, jewelery, shirts, etc) and once you participate, you want to come back each year for more. Vending areas were set up well with large walkways for the people to wander through. I particularly appreciated the walkways set up along the isles so you didn't have people trying to cut through your booth in order to cross over into another isle. The vendors themselves seemed to really enjoy being at this event also. It appeared to us (being Little Sturgis Virgins....) that it was almost like a reunion among the vendors. For some of the vendors, this may be the only event where they get to see each other. The camaraderie was awesome.

On Thursday, I thought we were going to sweat our brains out. I think (didn't check) the temperatures were in the upper 80's, low 90's and the humidity had to have been in the 90's. You know that once they let the participants come in, clothing was going to be optional. Coming from the desert, this was very humid and even I didn't want to wear much. It felt like you could swim through the air... I figured the humidity was bad because it had rained a little on Wednesday evening. I didn't know rain until Thursday night though. Boy, did the sky's open up! By Friday morning you had to almost swim to your booth. The good news was that a cold front came in with that Thursday night storm and the temperatures had to have dropped by over 20 degrees.

The humidity was also considerably lower for the weekend due to the cold front. So for us desert rats, we had a blast. Unfortunately, with the colder weather, you saw a lot of people with jackets and sweaters on. Not many were brave enough to wear skimpy outfits in the cool air. Don't get me wrong, we did see our share of nudity, but it was not as prevalent as it apparently had been in prior years.

The people in attendance were wonderful to talk with. They came from all walks of life, and had many experiences to share. We met a father with his sons who actually had 3 generations of sons in the Marine Corps. The father and his sons were here to relax and enjoy the weekend. The fun part about this event was the acres upon acres of camping that was set up to house all the attendees. The campgrounds even had band stages so if you didn't want to, you could stay near your campsite and enjoy bands.

The sand drags on Saturday were a kick to see. People would register and race their bikes in the sand to see who was the fastest. There were mini-bike drags (very funny to watch, but very fast) up to the regular street bike drags. It was quite a show to see, the crowd really enjoyed it. They even had bike games on both Friday and Saturday, where usually at motorcycle rallies, bike games are traditionally on Saturdays. Let us not forget the traditional poker run on Saturday which took riders on a tour of the countryside.

Overall, we had a great time, had fun people-watching and we are looking forward to returning to this rally next year. Next year I will remember to charge the batteries of my camera so that we can take pictures and post some of the tamer photos for all to see. Perhaps some of you can attend also. If so, stop by and say HI. We will be glad to stop and chat.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Continuing Saga of my weight loss

Well, I have managed to not gain or lose any weight since yesterday. This is really good considering that I ran out of my CORE4 products and am eagerly awaiting my next package. My energy levels are still up, but I do get more tired now as the evening progresses.

My metabolism still seems to be clicking away at a higher rate than it has in a while. So far, so good. I do still have Lean and Cheat left, so that may be what is also helping me to maintain my weight where I am at.

I have been actively experimenting with Cheat (the sprinkle on product that eliminates approximately 25% of the calories of the food you are eating). Today I put it on my toast and butter, my eggs and my Spam. I again did not notice any change in flavor in any of my foods and hopefully, 25% of the fat from Spam did not get into my system. So far the only thing I have not tried Cheat on is ice cream, but I will give that a whirl when I get my hands on a bowl of ice cream. The directions state that you should not use Cheat on any liquid foods, so I am not sure what will happen on my ice cream, I will strive to eat it faster than it would melt. I will keep everyone posted on that endeavor.

Beyond that, I have no new information on my current weight loss other than my pants are not as tight around the waist and hips. That is also a very nice benefit of losing that unwanted weight. I am looking forward to being considerably thinner by September when I get to meet some of my old friends (who haven't seen me in over 8 months). That will be a fun event.

Take care everyone, and again, if you have any questions that you want to ask me in private, my e-mail is If you are interested in additional information on what the CORE4 products can do for you, go to I want to remind everyone here that I am merely putting my personal observations and thoughts down, my opinions are not necessarily that of CNI. (That was for the legal beagles out there... ;0).

Talk to everyone later...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More on my Healthy Weight Loss compliments of CNI

Forgive me readers, for I have failed... Not at what you would think, I missed a day of blogging and feel badly about it... For starters when on the road, the ability to get a solid and consistent Internet connection can be a bit dicey, but that is not the real reason I didn't write. The truth is I was just pooped. For the next few days though, I truly do have a dicey Internet connection and may not be able to post regularly. I will keep a log going, and post when the Internet connection is strong enough. So please don't feel abandoned.

Anyway, in the last 2 days, I managed to lose an additional pound. Nothing to normally jump up and down about, but the good news is that no additional weight was gained. This also goes back to my original theory, it is not healthy to lose a ton of weight very fast. I am satisfied with only losing an additional pound and then reaching a plateau. The body probably has to get used to the shock of not having extra weight to carry around. This is day 7 and I have lost 6 pounds. Not shabby at all.

The other benefit I have observed is that I do perspire more. Some of you may not find that to be a benefit, but for me that is huge (since I usually just turn red and don't sweat). Perspiring or sweating (or "glowing" in old vernacular) is very good for the skin. It also helps to release any toxins that are embedded in the skin. The complexion of my face seems to be getting clearer too. That is not a benefit listed on any of the CORE4 products, it is something I am dealing with personally.

You are all going to get a kick out of this next pickle I got into. As stated, it is now day 7 on the CORE4 program, what I neglected to mention in my first blog, I only ordered a 14 day supply, and shared half of my supply, so after today, I am out of Accelerate and will be out of Flush after tonight. There is another 30-day supply on order and delivered, the problem is that the order is in Arizona, and I am in Kentucky. My order will be sent to me, but I won't get it for about another 7 days. The good news for everyone else is that you will find out what happens when you may miss a few days of CORE4.

I do not recommend missing any, but when you are on the road, it is extremely difficult to get reliable shipping addresses and have deliveries arrive when you are at said address. In the future, if you know you are going to be traveling, definitely bring enough CORE4 to last the whole trip plus so you don't go through what I will be.

I did promise in my last posting that I would briefly review the business opportunity that CNI (CORE4) has to offer. This is not an opportunity anyone is obligated to get involved in, it is just an opportunity for another income stream if you are willing. You can continue to purchase CORE4 for personal use, you will not be harassed or bullied into doing anything else, but I would be remiss if I did not mention that there was a business opportunity in this program.

As I am sure you are aware, obesity has been getting a tremendous amount of press lately. You may have heard for years that our children are getting fatter, partly to blame (according to some) is the fast food chains. In response, the fast food chains are trying to provide healthier foods for people to eat. I am also sure most of you have seen commercials on TV advertising various systems for losing that unwanted weight.

What CNI CORE4 has to offer is not only a program for you to personally lose weight, but a way to possibly get paid to lose that weight. No, they won't pay you to lose a pound, but they will pay you to get other people involved with the product. As you recommend people to try CORE4, if they do purchase, it is in your best interest to have them sign up for free (for several reasons to be covered later) off of your site so they can order what they want, when they want. Every time someone who has signed up purchases product, you get paid a percentage. If they sign people up who purchase, then you stand to earn more money.

The advantage of this program is that if anyone is interested in obtaining CORE4, they do not have to pay any membership fees, nor do they have to pay anything to have a personalized website. The only thing they pay for is the product they want to use. If you are losing weight using CORE4, don't you think your friend may want to lose weight the same way? Wouldn't it be really neat if, after your friend signs up, that you get paid for helping them lose weight? This is a pretty cool setup. It is another way to earn money and is something to think about in these tough economic times. Or, if you don't want to earn any money (there may still be some people out there who don't want any more money), look at it as getting a rebate on the CORE4 products you are personally using. Not a bad deal.

As promised, that is a VERY rough overview of the business opportunity from CNI CORE4. If you think this may interest you, please e-mail me at or sign up for free at Until next time...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Continuing with the CNI Healthy Weight Loss Program

As discussed yesterday, I have just started using a new system for weight loss that involves supplement pills, a shake on powder and a meal replacement smoothie. I am still skeptical about the ease of losing weight, but this system does seem to continue to work. I was not very good regarding my eating habits all day yesterday and expected to step on the scale this morning and see at least a 1-2 pound weight gain.

To my great surprise, there was no weight gain at all. I am not proud of what I ate yesterday, but it is nice to know that if you fall off the wagon, this Core4 program helps keep you from not falling too far. Yesterday afternoon I ended up eating 2 cream puffs, a big slice of cake with tons of thick icing, a fruit pie and anything else sweet I could get my hands on while I was working on the computer. Granted, I did consume the Lean meal replacement smoothie once I realized what was going on, but prior to that, I went on a sweet-eating binge. I suspect now that my metabolism is starting to kick up, I am more inclined to want to eat. The very good news is that once the Lean was consumed, I really didn't have any more sweet cravings. About 5 minutes after drinking the Lean, I actually felt full. The desire for munching the rest of the evening was gone. (I would also like to note that I had a good and well-balanced dinner, but was really bad earlier in the day)

Up until last week, I was not feeling all that great, so my appetite as usual was not very big. Now that I am feeling better and my metabolism is finally getting kicked into gear (thanks to the Accelerate), so probably my body wanted more nourishment which turned into major munching. I really need to pay more attention to my eating habits. When working in front of the computer, the tendency is to not pay too much attention to what goes into the mouth until later in the evening when you don't start feeling too well. Spending half a day eating junk food (almost zero nutritional value) will definitely make anyone start feeling sick.

The Core4 weight loss plan seems to help keep me on track, even when non-nutritional foods find their way into my diet. So far this is the best weight loss I have had in a very long time. Again, without being able to go to the gym and work off all the bad calories, this program is pretty darn good. I can't imagine how much more weight would be lost if regular exercise was included. Walking the dogs is some exercise, but you don't get the same quality of aerobic exercise as if you had gone to work out.

The good news is that after 5 days of being on this program, I still feel good and am slowly losing weight. I have heard it is not good to lose weight too fast, probably because it could be a shock to the system. Personally, I believe that if you lose the weight too fast, you will tend to put it back on at least as fast. So, for those of you who may be on the fence about trying this Core4 program, give it a whirl. The worst thing that could happen is that you lose some weight...only if you take the products.

Tomorrow I will talk a little about the business opportunity that CNI Core4 offers. This will not be an in-depth discussion, but at least a once-over. Since the weight I am losing is continuing to come off at what I believe is a healthy rate, it looks like this is a product that is really ready to take off. I will also continue to keep everyone posted on my success at losing the weight. For more information on CNI, the website is

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Beginning a Weight Loss Program

This is a first-time blog for me. I am looking forward to improving my writing style as time progresses and to provide useful information to anyone who is interested in the variety of subjects I plan on working on.

I want to let it be known that I am usually against "pills" for aiding in weight loss. I believe that pills or other supplements usually have some adverse side affects, I have seen it in the phen-phen (sp) and various other "lose weight quick schemes". I have been an advocate of managing what you eat and exercise. I am now discovering mid-life changes and found out that exercise does not necessarily mean weight loss.

For the first time in over 10 years I am now trying a new series of products designed to help you lose weight without really changing your lifestyle. Granted, I am watching what I eat, but I have always tried to keep sugar, fat, fried food, etc to a minimum. I also walk the dogs at least three times a day, that includes relatively strenuous walking. We don't do a leisurely stroll, these two nuts don't believe in just walking, we usually have to do a fast jog or outright run.

Up until now, I have seen no weight gain, but no weight loss either. I started using the Core4 products 4 days ago and am already seeing weight loss that is not just attributed to water loss. (Women tend to gain and lose water weight on a daily basis). I actually don't feel jittery as I have when I tried some of the other over the counter pills in the past.

Granted, I am only 4 days into the program, so I will keep everyone posted on the progress. When you get the flu you can also lose weight in a few days. The key is to not put the weight back on after you get better. I am looking forward to seeing the Core4 program assist not only in my losing the extra weight I have gained due to midlife change, but also to help me keep the weight off over time.

For now, I am glad to have 5 pounds less to lug around and I actually feel good, not jittery. I suspect as more weight comes off, my energy levels will also naturally increase.

What I have learned so far about the Core4 products is that they easy to use even for me on my busy schedule. The metabolism booster (Accelerate) is taken once a day, usually in the morning. Flush is an all organic cleanser that will help my body to detox. This is also taken once a day, in the evening. The other two products, Lean and Cheat are taken throughout the day... Lean is basically a snack or meal replacement, just like the powered protein drinks already on the market. I highly recommend using it with COLD water and adding some fruit. Tap water is OK, but definitely an acquired taste.

Cheat is the best thing so far. It is a powered fiber that you "shake" onto any solid food you are planning on eating. I have found no flavor change when using Cheat. This product reduces your caloric absorption by approximately 25%. Now I can eat that pizza with no additional strange flavor additive and not absorb about 25% of those calories.

Now you all know the same stuff I do. I will continue to update you daily on my weight loss and any odd side affects. For the record, my body does not usually like supplements, I am allergic to tons of stuff (including dairy products, citrus, etc) and usually exhibit bad side affects within 24-48 hours of ingesting new stuff. So far, I have no ill affects and am hoping that I will finally lose the extra weight I have put on in the last 4 years (when I stopped going to the gym 5 days a week). I want to get back into my "small" clothes.

It would help to put the website down if anyone was interested in what I have been using or if you want to get involved. Again, this is a first-time blog, I will develop more finesse: