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Monday, November 16, 2009

UltraLuster and the Marketplace at Gold Canyon

We had a wonderful time at the Gold Canyon Marketplace last Saturday. The weather was overcast, and we did receive some light rain near the end of the event, but as you can see in the photos, we did get to experience an awesome natural phenomena, a rainbow like none I had seen before.

The rainbow we witnessed appeared to follow the lines of the Superstition mountains and looked basically "flat" to me. I wish I had a better camera to show this phenomena, but at least here you get the idea of how bright the colors of the rainbow were and how different. Most of the people attending Gold Canyon Marketplace had not seen this before, we all had seen double rainbows, some of us have seen rainbows almost in a full circle, but this was so different.

What was really great about watching this was the camaraderie that occurred. Everyone, the various small business people presenting their wares to the customers, all gathered at the end of the driveway to watch and admire the rainbow. We all felt like we were part of something truly awesome and inspiring. We all took pictures and we all stood in silence watching. It seems to take an awesome sight like this to bring people together. After the rainbow was gone, we all stayed together and chatted about what we saw. The whole event brought us all closer together with the shared experience.

For those of you who have not heard about our Marketplace at Gold Canyon, what happens is on alternating Saturdays one of the small office complexes in Gold Canyon closes off part of their parking lot and opens it up to the local small business people to display their products and services. It is a great opportunity to see who is in business in the cities of Gold Canyon and Apache Junction and it is an awesome opportunity to network with other like-minded business people. This week we detailed two vehicles, one was a small SUV and the other was a 1989 BMW. The paint on the BMW was oxidized, but for a 20 year old vehicle and 20 year old paint, it was in great condition. We had a lot of fun detailing this convertible and the owner was thrilled with our end result.

If you would like to see our UltraLuster Waterless Wash products in action, come on by the Marketplace at Gold Canyon, Saturday, November 28th (Thanksgiving Weekend) as we will be working some more on the 1989 BMW and may have some other cars lined up for detailing. It is one thing to see a UltraLuster Waterless Car Wash in the bottle and for us to tell you how it works, but it is something completely different to see UltraLuster in action. The results are incredible.
The first picture is before we removed the oxidation, you can see that there is not much detail in the reflection. The second picture is after the oxidation was removed, there is a real shine now.
If you have questions about oxidation removal, please feel free to contact us at hawgwash1@yahoo.com, or come to our website to see the UltraLuster Waterless Wash line of cleaning products.
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