Friday, May 17, 2013

Run for the Wall Day 3

Well, today was a much better day for my motorcycle.  I had no oil leaks, the bike ran like a charm, and the best news is that the weather was not as hot as we have experienced in the past.

We were up early in Las Cruces to visit the American Legion, which was a new stop for us this year.  While some may be averse to change, I enjoyed this change because it allowed us a brief glimpse of the city of Las Cruces.  The people at the Legion were warm and very welcoming, making me put exploring Las Cruces higher up on my "bucket list".  I will look forward to visiting again when we are not on a mission.

The breakfast the Legion provided was excellent and filling.  The perfect start to a long and inspiring day.  After breakfast, we went to the Las Cruces Veterans Memorial Park.  It was here that we had an opportunity to meet a WWII veteran and family of some survivors of the Bataan Death March.  We were also informed that by this time next year, there will be a Vietnam Memorial at this Veterans Memorial Park too.

After visiting this beautiful Memorial, it was off to Clint, TX for a quick fuel stop.  We then wandered to Van Horn (not really a wander, more like a focused drive) and were greeted by the local High School Student Council who served all of us sweaty riders a wonderful lunch.

All too quickly we left Van Horn to Pecos, TX for our afternoon fuel stop.  Here we are eternally grateful to Ray "Too Tall" McDowell and his wife, Kay "Too Small" because they donated fuel for all the riders.  These two people have donated fuel to RFTW every year I participated.  The are awesome patriots.

We then found our way into Odessa, TX and went immediately to Bass Rentals for an amazing dinner of fried catfish, fried chicken, hush puppies and all the extras.  With our bellies past full, we all wobbled off to our respective hotels for some much needed cooling off and rest.

Speaking of rest, I believe it is also time for me to get some shut-eye.  When I am not so muddle-headed, I will start posting pictures of the Run...

Until tomorrow...

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